Bury the Burden of Thought

Hi.  This is The Only Normal People, a blog dedicated to making available music that we think is under-rated, unappreciated, or otherwise unrepresented on the Internet.  My name is Jim and my friend Joey is working on this thing as well (his first post will come tomorrow).  We’ve decided that despite the glut of punk-related download blogs, there are still plenty of worthwhile releases that aren’t up on the Internet, especially after Mediafire went wild with power and deleted so many files recently.  We’re starting this thing off with a post every day this week and then it should taper off to 2-3 posts per week after that.  We’ve each got big stacks of stuff to rip and share and have done our best to make sure the stuff we post isn’t up anywhere else online, so stay tuned.

For the first post, I figured it would be appropriate to upload one of the bands that provided not only some of the impetus for starting this blog, but also inspired the name: John Brown Battery.  Hope you like it.  Keep checking back.  I think we’ve got some really good stuff.


John Brown Battery – Bury the Burden of Thought 7” (World Won’t Listen):  This record sounds like winter in Chicago.  Like the snow fell a few days ago and is no longer clean and bright.  Tires and footprints and an infinite amount of mystery liquids have turned the streets and sidewalks darker and dirtier.  The air smells like cold and it’s easier than ever to feel desperate with spring still a ways off.  That’s the feeling that comes to mind, without fail, each time I put this on. John Brown Battery was one of a fantastic handful of Chicago bands (tomsawyer, Holden’s Catch, and the Ghost come to mind) playing music like this in the early/mid aughts.  It’s complicated without being annoying, gruff and aggressive while maintaining plenty of melody.  Sort of like early Small Brown Bike, but really a band all their own.


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