Libyans Demo

Libyans Demo (2007?):  I picked this demo up the first time the Libyans played Chicago.  This Boston band features no other than Chicago’s very own Liz Panella (of Plan of Attack fame).  Since recording this demo, this band has played on two continents outside of North America and put out 2 12”s, multiple 7”s and a split with God Equals Genocide.  Although this band has put out plenty of amazing material, this demo should not be overlooked.

There are two things that really stick out to me about this demo and this band in general.  First, the drumming/tightness of the band.  Their drummer, Dan (currently of Foreign Objects and No Sir, I Won’t), is one of the most interesting and smoothest punk drummers around right now.  Second, Liz’s voice is absolutely incredible.  She has a perfect gritty punk voice for the more aggressive songs, and she can actually sing when she needs to.  The longer and more midtempo songs have always been my favorite songs.  The song “Expectations” is on the same level as “Welcome To The Neighborhood” from their first 7” by the same name and “Paralyzed” from their LP, “A Common Place” on Sorry State Records, which are, in my opinion, the best Libyans songs.  If you haven’t heard Libyans before, do yourself a favor and download this and head over to and pick up “A Common Place”.  If you know and love Libyans and haven’t heard this, you are missing out.


– Joey

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