More John Brown Battery!?!?

Behold, dear readers, one of two mighty posts for today.  Did you like that John Brown Battery 7″ the other day?  I’ll bet you did.  That’s why I bring you one more juicy track by Chicago’s one and only, this time from a Sinister records compilation called “Chicago: Arise from the Ashes.”  This track comes courtesy of my pal Woody (formerly of *tomsawyer, currently of the great Woodrow Hart & the Haymaker).  Sink your teeth in.


– Jim

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9 Responses to More John Brown Battery!?!?

  1. Dan says:

    Do you guys have the john brown battery demo or just the track fever pains???

  2. Ntwadumela says:

    Rarrr….Ntwadumela here. If you don’t know me by name, you should. I am he who greets with fire.

  3. Dan Templar says:

    whoa did fever post the demo??? I missed it damnit!!!!

  4. Dan Templar says:

    Oh man thank you so much in advance , I cant wait

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