Intifada/Liberate – split 7″

Joey and I are both leaving to play a weekend of Boilerman shows in the Midwest, but a promise is a promise, so here’s the last post of the week.  One more Chicago related record for you until I (might) switch that up next week.  See you Monday.


Intifada/Liberate split 7” (Fuck Life/Rompe Todo):  Intifada was a Chicago band for a long time.  Starting while the members were in high school, they just broke up in 2011.  During their time as a band, they grew by leaps and bounds and this 7” is some of their last output.  Their three songs are largely fast and blasting, but there are breaks and changes that keep the songs from becoming stagnant and unmemorable, a trapping of many fast hardcore bands.  Bonus points: Intifada’s side features a really cool surprise in the form of vocals from the singer of Condenada.  Normally I find guest vocalists really cheesy and distacting, but this appearance adds where others might subtract.

Liberate stays right there with Intifada.  While they rely on significantly more cranked up tempos, Liberate’s songs remain intense and tight.  A fitting friend to share this platter.


– Jim

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