Turncoat – Raise Your Flag


Turncoat – Raise Your Flag: My friend, Matt, taught English as a second language in Japan for the past two years. While there, he made friends with some of the local punks, and last October, he came to visit with his friend Mall.  Mall brought some CDs with him of Japanese pop punk bands to give out to people that might seem interested.  One of the CDs he gave me was of his band Turncoat. 

Turncoat is a 3 piece from Ehime and Kouchi on the island of Shikoku (around a 10 hour drive from Tokyo).  Many of Turncoat’s songs are driving and anthematic.  Similar to the way I felt when I first heard “Reinventing Axl Rose”, I find myself wanting to pump my fist and chant along with the members of Turncoat. Turncoat features members from Fragments, Pall Mall and Driftage.  For fans of Jawbreaker, Small Brown Bike, Bridge and Tunnel. 


– Joey

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