Dead Friends/Brainstorm split CS

Dead Friends/Brainstorm split tape (self released): I love Dead Friends.  This Gainesville 3-piece hooked me with their first 7” and I tracked down everything I could by them up until their breakup in 2011.  They started off playing driving blasts of Assfactor 4 influenced intensity with three vocalists.  They swapped drummers and became a bit heavier, a bit grungier, but maintained the intensity and interesting song writing.  This split is from before the drummer switch.

I don’t know much about Brainstorm, but their side nearly matches the intensity of Dead Friends, but it’s executed much differently.  Heavy, building, and pummeling, though still in relatively short bursts.  I hesitate to use the phrase screamo, but there are hints of it in there.  Either way, it’s good stuff.

My copy of this tape doesn’t have a cover, but has a ton of randomly sized flier inserts and an OBI strip.  I’m not sure if that’s typical, but I’ve included a scan of a couple.


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