Dead North – Winter Tour 2011 Tape

Dead North Tour Tape 2011  (self released):  Dead North is a great band.  They play hard, their sets are tight and of reasonable length.  They are quite poppy, but still rooted firmly enough in punk to get me excited that special way that only punk bands can.  But, my favorite thing about Dead North has been watching them grow up as a band.  Boilerman played with them on our first weekend out of town while they were still in high school.  They tuned between every song.  Their gear was not great.  They played for a long time.  But, their songs were well written, catchy, and played with youthful excitement.  We played with those kids every subsequent visit to Cincinnati and a handful of times in Chicago (the first of those times may have been the first out of town show they ever got paid at).  I’ve watched this band go from putting out CDR demos with no packaging to buying a van and releasing cassettes and 7”s for their now lengthy tours.  The thing is, while they keep getting better and getting older, they remain as stoked as ever.  That’s the key to this band, one of their most valuable assets, and the chief reason why I love them so much.

Oh yeah, this tape.  It has two songs that ended up on a split 7”, a re-recorded song from their demo, an acoustic version of a song from their Spot Remover EP, and a comp song.  Dig it.



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