Ehrgeizig – Live 2009 Tape

Ehrgeizig – Live 2009 (self released):  The weather’s getting cold and it seems like it might actually stick this time.  In true Chicago fashion, it went from the mid-70s to upper-40’s in a day and it’s a real biting cold as a result.  So, to help you (and me) get through the inevitable grim winter isolation, I present Ehrgeizig.  It may only be two tracks, but the runtime of this tape is almost nine minutes and it’s good enough to merit repeated listening.    Don’t be turned away by the live nature of this either.  The sound quality is top notch and fits the pounding, vicious black metal perfectly.  I don’t know much about this tape other than I believe the group hails, or hailed, from the East Coast, but this is some great stuff.  Dig in.


– Jim

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