Picked Clean – 2010 Demo Tape


Picked Clean – Demo 2010 (self released): Picked Clean were a great band from Indianapolis when the Indy hardcore scene was experiencing a seemingly sudden hardcore punk boom.  Largely fueled by a small group that played in lots of bands, the city offered up a handful of solid bands, but I always thought Picked Clean were among the best.  I also thought of them as sort of laying the groundwork for this upswing of Indianapolis hardcore.  This could be totally inaccurate or revisionist since I’m from Chicago and have a thoroughly outsider perspective.

Possible historical inaccuracy aside, this tape rips.  It is preceded by a 7” that, while good, lacks some of the intensity this band had live.  This demo tape came next, slightly before the release of their self titled tape on Not Normal.  I picked it up at the first My Friends, The Pit fest in Indy.  The tape has no titles for the songs, so the only identifiable track title is for their cover of Agnostic Front’s Last Warning (a song I had heard covered at least 5 or 6 times before ever hearing the original).

Picked Clean would go on to break up and then reform and then break up again.  This may be their finest showing and deserves to be given a listen.



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