Hombrinus Dudes – Summer Tour 2005 Tape


Hombrinus Dudes Summer Tour 2005 cassette (self released):   The first time I ever went out of town to play in a band was in 2004.  I was in a band called Safety First and the singer’s brother sang for the mighty Loaded for Bear.  LFB was doing a weekend of shows in Michigan and coming home to do a garage show in our hometown of Orland Park, IL that was the same day as Warped Tour.  A true punk battle to be sure.  Anyway, we played in Muskegon and Grand Rapids, MI with the fantastic Another Terrorist Organization (check out their great album HERE) and Spoonful of Vicodin.

One other band, one birthed from the loins of Forever Youth, played just the two Michigan shows.  That band was Hombrinus Dudes.  They were just starting out and said their songs were about topics as varied as pizza and trees.  I’m of the opinion that Graham didn’t even really have lyrics at that point in the game.  But, their grinding, crushing, and, at the time, dive-bombing songs got me excited.  They grew vastly as a band from there, releasing a great LP, a 7”, and splits with the likes of Merkit and Loaded For Bear themselves.  This tape is from the early days though.  The lyrical content was sometimes serious, but often a bit goofy as well.  Either way, I love this tape and it’s an important precursor to what would come from this incredible band.

“Run in circles/start the mash/Satan doesn’t want your soul/Satan wants to thrash”


– Jim

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One Response to Hombrinus Dudes – Summer Tour 2005 Tape

  1. Joe says:

    Killer! This is the only HDudes stuff that I don’t have. Great band, great dudes.

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