Dead Radical Demo Tape

Dead Radical Demo Tape :  You like fast things?  You don’t know what fast is until you’ve heard Dead Radical.  Their Rottenness 7” is, in my opinion, their crowning achievement, but this demo tape (which would later be pressed to the B-side of some pressings of the Rottenness 7”s) comes close.  Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t just fast.  It’s unreasonably tight and complex given the speed.  It’s not the sludgey dirge of down-tuned grind bands or the unbridled, out of control speed that many fastcore bands favor.  This is masterfully written, riff-laden, dare I say catchy hardcore punk.  I mean, listen to those bass lines.  Don’t even get me started on the wild, incredible vocals.  It’s absurd that this band didn’t get more attention when they were around.  Download the demo and then get everything you can by this band.  Unreal.


– Jim

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