Siblings – s/t Tape

There won’t be any posts on here all next week because Joey and I are going to be on Boilerman tour.  In case you care, here’s where we’ll be:

11/24 – Chicago, IL at Metro w/ Lawrence Arms, Banner Pilot, Sidekicks
11/26 – Cincinati, OH @ The Drinkery w/ Dead North, Dessa Sons, The Worthmores, The Creature
11/27 – Greenville, SC @ The Awful Waffle w/ Jimmy Buffet, The Soap, Hay Fever, 4am Friends
11/28 – Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/ Nurture, Kater Mass
11/29 – Birmingham, AL *
11/30 – Nashville, TN @ Owl Farm w/ Chicken Little, Warmachine, Kilo’s Kuntfart Kwartet
12/1 – Louisville, KY @ Spinelli’s Downtown (239 S. 5th Street) w/ Written Off, Ill Advised
12/2 – Lansing, IL @ The Bat Cave w/ Nervous Passenger, Floorboards

At any rate, our first show out of town show of tour is in Cincinnati which led me to want to share this tape.  Siblings, formerly known as The Buster League, hail from the ‘nati.  They play a sort of melodic driving punk that borders on getting noodley without actually breaking through to the dark side.  There are only two songs on here, but they are a glimpse into the tightness and quality of song writing this band achieved.  Boilerman played with Buster League in Chicago and I thought they were good, but when we played with Siblings in Cinci it was a whole different ball game.  They played together flawlessly and were the best set of that night.  I’m not sure if they still play, but this tape is as good a way to be remembered as any.



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