M Blanket/Slinky split 7″

m blanket

M Blanket/Slinky split 7” (Spinout 360, 1995):  You know how you’ll get a split and there will be two bands on it, but you’ll sort of only listen to one side?  This is kind of one of those cases.  I mean, Slinky isn’t terrible.  Their songs are repetitive, run of the mill mid-90’s peppy pop-punk.  I’m not going to cry if someone puts it on, but rarely will I be the one to do so.  When I do, it’s only because the record’s already out from when I was listening to the stellar M Blanket tracks.

Normally though, I’ll just re-spin M Blanket’s three songs on their side.  M Blanket played intelligent, dirty, and aggressive pop-punk from Canada in the 1990’s.  This is definitely a band that puts more emphasis on the punk in “pop-punk,” an attitude I always appreciate.  Discerning listeners should check out M Blanket’s “Safety” 7” if you want their finest material, but songs like “Wet Meat” and “Invite Only” stand among this band’s best tunes.  Don’t mess up.  Check this record out.

Note: This record has two covers that it comes with, allowing you the ability to display your favorite..  I’ve included them both in the download for completion’s sake.  Dig it.



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2 Responses to M Blanket/Slinky split 7″

  1. shane hoffman says:

    m blanket record

    my name is shane i’m the one responsible for the release of the M-Blanket / Slinky split record! its been a long time… about 250-333 records went directly to m-blanket via slow to burn and the rest were split amongst my friend who put up the money to put it out and the label Spinout 360 / the band slinky got the rest…. we sold a lot of them but i still have quite a few copies of it left. if you know any one who would like to get a copy send them my way…. if you have any questions or would like to email write to shanefish2000@hotmail.com ….. m-blanket kicked my ass the first time i heard them. the clash, operation ivy and jawbreaker all got their asses kicked when i heard m-blanket…. they still rule and dave destroyed it on vocals and always did. such aggression and presence … amazing
    write me, shane

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