Sweater Weather – “Growing Pains” Demo CD

I’ve been a bum lately. Thanks to Gym for picking up my slack.

Sweater Weather – “Growing Pains” Demo CD (self released): I am lucky enough to have a ton of talented friends that make some great music, and I usually have really high goals for them.  I know it is silly to make goals for bands that I am not in, but I like to think that most of my friends that play in bands want their music to get out “there”, and this is why I get disappointed when bands like Sweater Weather come along.

Sweater Weather were a short lived band hailing from Normal, IL.  Terry and Vince were Freshman when I was a Senior at Illinois State.  They started Sweater Weather after I had left, but Boilerman played with them one time Vince set up a show for us. I was impressed by their live show, but I don’t think they had any recorded material at the time.  Eventually they got around to recording and Vince sent me the CD.  I will admit that I listened to it once and didn’t listen again for probably a year, and by the time I picked it back up, they had already broken up.  Now, I listen to this 5 song demo pretty frequently.  I just wish they did more than play local shows.

The whole demo is great, but “Cold Compress” is definitely my favorite.  Vince’s vocals remind me of Spoonboy from The Max Levine Ensemble.  Don’t sleep on these five great pop punk jams, and be sure to check out The Please and Thank Yous and Horrible Things to see what these guys are up to now.



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