Dead Friends – 2nd Tour Tape


Dead Friends 2nd Tour Tape (Drugged Conscience):  Dead Friends were a three piece from Florida that felt to me like they did a lot in not much time.  Their discography includes a handful of demos/tour tapes, an LP, a 7”, a split tape (which astute readers might remember from EARLIER), and a live tape.  The first time I saw them was at Fest 6 in Florida and I was awestruck.  Fests can be draining and I’d been seeing bands all weekend.  But, the frantic energy of their set was captivating and when I heard their 7” I felt it really translated.  When I heard they changed drummers, I was worried.  The drummer sang on a lot of the songs and I was hoping this wouldn’t detract from the chemistry.  Luckily, they were uninhibited by the change and, while they added some grunge and subtracted a pinch of the Assfactor 4 spastic weirdness, the LP and live tape they did after the switch stands up against anything else.  They held up live too, as I was lucky to witnessed when an old band of mine played with them in Muskegon, MI.  They were loud, pummeling, and intense.

This tape is a tour tape that Drugged Conscience did for them that was limited to a mere 100 copies.  It’s with the second drummer I believe and is made up of songs that would later be re-worked and re-recorded for their LP, plus the one of the great gems of this tape, an Assfactor 4 cover.  The sound quality’s not great, but the songs are.



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