Pregnant – Demo CDR


Pregnant – Demo:  New Jersey’s Pregnant is a band that went on to put out a few records on Don Giovanni Records, but on this demo CDr they were still trying to figure out what kind of band to be.  Not only do I find this endearing, but it makes for a really interesting demo.  Mix one part Wire, one part Buzzcocks, one part early Black Flag, and many lesser parts from the entire spectrum of punk.  This band clearly pulls from many different influences on this demo, but the quality, if not the style, of songs on this is stable – every track is great.  Whether it’s a post-punky bounce through “I Feel Much Better,” a slow dirge through “Gross Clinic,” or the ripping, scathing modern classic punk anthem that is “TV Faces,” each song on here is a standout in my estimation.  Five tracks of punk that deserve to be considered.




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