Echoes of Harper’s Ferry/Sleeper Horse split 7″


Echoes of Harper’s Ferry/Sleeper Horse split 7″ (Ownlife Records 2008):  Sorry for the brief absence.  I figured I’d bring it back with something pretty obscure, but really good.  Echoes of Harper’s Ferry were a very good band with a very long name from Cleveland, OH in the mid-late 2000’s.  They played extremely catchy melodic punk while managing to retain the politics, darkness, and aggression that drew me to punk in the first place.  My old band played with these guys a few times and I’ve been lucky enough to continue seeing some of them throughout my punk-based travels in more recent years as well.  On this most recent tour, I had the pleasure of playing with Tim’s (guitar/vocals and the main songwriter in Echoes) new band Kater Mass.  They were phenomenal and very friendly.  We stayed with Tim and their other guitarist Phil and were able to catch up.  They made us homefries and sxe mimosas in the morning.

Sleeper Horse is a band that was from Denver.  They play solid melodic punk and serve as a decent pairing for Echoes, though in my estimation bring less to the table in terms of aggression and originality.  Since this rip is from the digital version of this that came with the 7″, Steel Horse’s side also has a cover of Jailbreak.  Nice.


– Jim

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