Brokedowns – Demo CDR


Brokedowns – Demo CDR (2005, self released):  Once upon a time, a younger version of myself was in high school.  This brave youth and two of his good friends braved an icy Chicago snow storm to go to the old (then current) location of the Bottom Lounge.  You see, the legendary political pop punk band Operation: Cliff Clavin was doing what essentially amounted to a reunion tour.  They were supposed to play with the Max Levine Ensemble, but I think the snowstorm somehow disabled them and Spoonboy played a solo set.  It was still very solid, though much shakier than his solo sets are now.  To sweeten the deal, the show was opened by one of my absolute favorite local bands at the time, The Brokedowns.  Despite the somewhat lackluster attendance, likely stemming from the weather, their set was top notch.  At this point, this mighty group had only released their first full length and a comp track I believe.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were selling a CDR of newer material.  I tried to pay them full price for it, but John insisted that I just give him a dollar and spend the rest on the Plan-It-X distro next to them on the merch table.

This would end up as some of my favorite Brokedown material ever.  The recording is raw, the songs are more aggressive than their foundational material, and the artwork was weird.  One of these songs, “Asshole Jacket,” would have an inferior re-recorded version on their 6 songs EP.  But, you, oh discerning listener, you want the real thing!  And here it is.  The Brokedowns are still kicking and are still a solid band.  Check them out if you get the chance.   I’ve seen them probably ten or fifteen times since this show, but this one just sticks out in my memory.


– Jim

PS  Sorry about the lack of posts.  My Internet was broken for about a week and then I was out of town seeing Left For Dead, which was incredible.  Expect more regular updates now that all that is over.

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