Hoover Flags – Demo CDR


Hoover Flags – Demo CDR (2006, self released):  When I lived at my mom’s house, I would occasionally book shows in the family garage.  When I was in high school, they were really well attended because what else do you have to do when you’re in high school.  Not only that, you have a built in spot for fliering and getting the word out.  Regardless, after high school attendance dropped slightly, but I still kept at it.

One of the bands that came through during this era was called Hoover Flags.  They were from New York and emailed me a little over two weeks before they needed a show.  I said sure.  This is their demo.  It’s sometimes rocking, always punk, gravelly throated punk with some weird twists thrown in.  It sort of reminds me of a less tight version of the band Splurge’s later material mixed with some more jangly leanings.  There are some total jammers on this thing, my favorite of which is entitled “Fuck This Place.”  Members went on to form new bands such as Bad Blood and Swearin’, as well as many others I’m sure I don’t know about.  But, Hoover Flags will always have a special place in my heart, as well as my sister’s.  They slept in the room next to hers and won the title of strongest smelling band to ever stay over.  They really knew what they were doing that band.


– Jim

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