V/A – More Than Music 10″


V/A – More Than Music 10″ (Lance Harbor Records, 1997):  Sorry for the extended lack of posts.  I’m going to try and keep this more regular now that I’m home for more than a few days.  I was on tour with one band, then took a trip to New York and watched Desaparecidos, and then went on another tour.  But, now I’m back!

To kick off the return, I figured I’d rip something that I’ve been meaning to for a while – the More Than Music compilation.  This thing features some of the best bands that existed in Chicago throughout the mid-late 90’s, at least in my estimation.  The comp ranges from the straight up raging hardcore of THE HITMEN (one of their finest songs) to the long winded emo of BAXTER (pre Rise Against and the Lawrence Arms anyone?) to pop punk.   THE WAYOUTS, a band that would become an incredible emo tinged pop punk band serve up probably the most sophomoric of the latter, while THE HUMDINGERS and THE DORKS handle the slightly more mature, though still slightly goofy, end of the pop punk spectrum.  TREPAN NATION, THE 4-SQUARES, and THE LETTERBOMBS round out the more hardcore oriented side of things, but not the kind you think of when the 90’s are mentioned.  They forgo mosh parts in favor of speed, anger, and some melody.  There’s even some weirdo noise/hardcore from RADII and some borderline screamo from SPY VS SPY.  

What I’m trying to point out here is there really is something for everyone on this compilation.  Not only that, but these bands were part of a scene that embraced a wide array of bands that fall on the punk spectrum.  I really appreciate that and am even more excited when it’s focused on Chicago, even having a Hoffman Estates mailing address for the label.  Oh yeah, this didn’t come with an insert so I got the tracklisting off of Discogs.  However, it did have a flier in it for a Los Crudos show with Deathreat, so I scanned that and included it as an extra.  Dig it.


– Jim

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4 Responses to V/A – More Than Music 10″

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  2. Scott says:

    I’m pretty sure that came with an insert. In fact, I know it did, because each band was supposed to write a piece about how punk rock was “more than music” to them. I’ll see if I can hook you up with a scan.

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