The Matics – s/t CD


The Matics – s/t CD (World, 2005):  The Matics were a solid band from Chicago in the very early 2000’s, maybe late 90’s.  I first witnessed their melodic brand of Chicago punk at the release show for The Arrivals’ “Exsenator Orange” CD at the Fireside Bowl.  It was my first time seeing both bands.  I don’t remember the rest of the lineup, though I wish I could, but I was so enraptured by both of these bands.  At this point, I believe the Matics had their first full length out already.  A solid record, it was in the vein of gritty, Naked Raygun/Pegboy influenced stuff that was catchy, but not super remarkable.  Still, I really liked it.

Some time passed and I went to see the Matics and The Arrivals (see a pattern?) at The Metro in 2005.  Both bands had been featured on the OIL compilation at this point and had submitted some tracks that were much weirder than most of their previous material.  So, I wasn’t that flabbergasted when I got this CD at that show and it was a lot more complex than their full length.  This record has 7 songs, Ronnie from The Arrivals taking the place of their old drummer, and a lot more twists and turns.  It’s got more of a Hot Water Music mixed with Hot Snakes mixed with some certifiable hot riffs type of sound.  Seriously, I am not doing a good job describing this, but it’s definitely the band’s finest material.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  


– Jim

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One Response to The Matics – s/t CD

  1. earthdog70 says:

    Great band-wish they were still around.

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