Infarction – Unifying Themes CS


Infarction – Unifying Themes CS (2009):  This self released tape features four songs of wild, noisey hardcore that’s tough to describe.  I’ll try.  First off, it’s drums and bass, but it’s so loud and full sounding that it’s impossible to tell.  The vocals are venomous shouts that become momentarily subdued every once in a while.  There’s a bit of Sam McPheeters in the lyrics, vocal delivery, and the off-kilter unsettling way the music is put together.  Also, this is all done by one lone rocker who has spent time in great bands that I’ll forgo listing.  I’m not doing this thing justice, but please download it.  You’ll be playing it a few times in a row, I promise.  My identity is a lie by omission.  


– Jim

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