Guinea Kid – First Two Demos CD



Guinea Kid – First Two Demos (2009): Guinea Kid was a great punk band from Northwest Indiana in the late 2000’s.  This band started when the members were all still in high school and, after some pretty frequent line-up changes, went out at their absolute peak.  They are an example of a band calling it quits while they were ahead, hitting their stride with their tape on Not Normal and then topping it on a split tape with Neurons.

This CD compiles their material that led to the best stuff.  It’s not as well honed or tightly played.  It can get immature, even straight up asinine (see: Our Bitches).  But these early cuts of early 80’s California meets Midwest hardcore meets straight forward punk jams were necessary steps.  Superior versions of some of the songs would appear on their Not Normal tape and some were left to the past.  There are a decent amount of repeat songs, so I split the CD into two sections, the band’s first 2006 demo and their subsequent 2007 recording. Dig it.


– Jim

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