Grasseaters – Live Tape 2011


Grasseaters – Live Tape 2011 (self released):  The first time and only time I saw Grasseaters was when I was in Oklahoma City on tour in 2011.  Having known their guitarist, Kale, for a bit, I’d heard their demo tape and enjoyed it quite a bit.  But this band live was a whole other thing.  It was so noisey, so loud, and so chaotic.  Everything I loved about the demo was pushed and exaggerated.  It’s a common story when it comes to punk bands, but it bears reiterating: Grasseaters live managed to totally trump even their excellent recording.

So, imagine my joy when I found out this tape existed.  Here the weirdness, the seamlessness, and the intense vocal variation/weirdness are all pushed to the fore.  Get a taste of what it was like to see a powerful band in their element.


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