Preston – 35 Miles to an Inch CD


Preston – 35 Miles to an Inch (self released, 2005):  Preston was a short lived band from the Chicago suburbs.  I found out about them through the excellent ex-drummer of Holden’s Catch, then Preston, then the ex-everything-er of I am the Cartographer, now current drummer of The Sky We Scrape.  His name is Justin.  I’ll go more into that during a future post about I am the Cartographer.

For now, just know that this is really well played, excellently paced and sequenced, catchy emotional punk that could only have come from the Chicago area in the early-mid 2000’s.  There are 4 tracks on this CD and not one of them is superfluous, as they form a great cohesive EP.  The artwork is cool as well.  Despite the facts that the band never got to record their other songs, were forced to cancel a huge chunk of their only tour, and broke up shortly afterward, this EP luckily made it to the masses (at least 200 members of the masses anyway).  Give it a shot.  Boycott Mojoe’s.


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