Motel Blonde – 3 Song Demo


Motel Blonde – 3 Song Demo CD (2004, self released):  I always liked the band the GC5.  I mean, I liked them in that tangential way that I feel has sort of gone by the wayside since everything ever has become super available.  I had a few songs on compilations and one or two MP3s from their website on my computer.  Well, I was excited when I went to a show (Mexican Cheerleader’s record release, with the Soviettes, Arrivals, and Repos) that ended up featuring a group of ex GC5 members.  That band was Motel Blonde.  They took the raw, straight forward, catchy punk rock of GC5 and mixed it with something more laid-back.  A little bit of The Boss, a little bit of CCR maybe, even a touch of country.  I mean, there are horns on the first song.  I won’t get into the harmonica or acoustic guitar (I just did). All that said ,these songs are well-written, catchy, and memorable.  When I throw these tracks on, I instantly recognize them even after an extended absence from them.  And, if you’re missing the vibe GC5 had, the final song on this will get your juices flowing just fine.

I don’t know if this band ever did anything beyond this demo, but I can say one thing: these songs hold up.

Since there’s no artwork for the demo, I included a scan of the Fireside Bowl/Bottom Lounge shows list that I had stuffed into the paper sleeve.  This list was from 2004.  Bonus points if you can guess what shows I attended from this list.


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One Response to Motel Blonde – 3 Song Demo

  1. Glad to see someone else remembering this short-lived but really great band. Also, I’m pretty sure I was at that same show.

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