Not Listening – s/t 7″


Not Listening – s/t 7″ (Poor Worm):  I ended up getting this 7″ in a big lot of largely hardcore records which I bought all at once.  I’d never heard of them, nor had I ever seen the record before.  It makes sense – apparently it’s one of 100 copies.  I threw it on to see what was what and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.  

First, let me be honest – this recording is not good.  The mix is really weird, the vocals are pretty variable in terms of volume and the stuff just sounds kind of lousy.  But, the two songs on this one-sided platter are still totally worth your time.  It’s in the vein of early 90’s UK punk like Broccoli and, especially, Leatherface, though based on the website on the cover, I think this band may be Japanese (or at least the label was based there).  This vocalist goes for the Frankie Stubbs thing and actually ends up doing a pretty solid job.  The guitar leads are also clearly influenced by Mush-era Leatherface, weaving in and out of catchy guitar leads.  This is seriously under-rated and well worth a listen if you are at all into that style, which, for the record, I very much am.  The lyrics are solid as well, with one song tackling the doomed world in which we live, while the other takes a more introspective turn.  Give this a shot, you won’t be sorry.


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