Crestfallen – s/t 7″


Crestfallen – s/t 7″ (Seven Lucky, 1995):  Sorry for the huge lapse in posting.  I could blame the Boilerman LP or the recent spurt of activity with my label, but I shouldn’t be making excuses.  Anyway, I’m back and will try my best to keep this more regularly updated.  I’ve actually come into a bunch of stuff lately that merits uploading, so keep your eyes peeled.

Speaking of things that merit uploading, here’s one:  the Crestfallen s/t 7″.  This thing was lent to me by pal Joey and features people that would go on to other bands, most notably to this rock enthusiast the mighty Negative Degree.  But, those who are expecting the raging hardcore excellence that comes to mind when mentioning ND are in for a surprise.

Crestfallen pre-dates that band by a long while and is more in the vein of excellent melodic 90’s punk rock.  This could have been on No Idea in the mid 90’s with no problem.  It’s the finest parts of bands like Samiam, Avail, and early Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music, with a little bit of UK influence thrown in the guitars for good measure.  This platter only delivers two songs, but both are hits and are well worth your time.  Check out this under-rated gem and you’ll thank me.


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2 Responses to Crestfallen – s/t 7″

  1. cct says:

    killer! could you re-up the link to download! cheers!

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