Thirsty Chords/Infro split 7″


Thirsty Chords/Infro – split 7″ (Shirafu, 2010):  My last roommate spent two years in Japan before moving back to Chicago.  When he took up in my apartment, he put his records and stereo in the living room.  It had a been a little while since I’d had a record player in there, so I decided to spin something while making breakfast one day.  But, all my records were upstairs – so far away.  The obvious solution was to play whatever he had been listening to last.  I looked at the weird rabbit on the cover and put the needle down.  Lucky for me, the record was the Thirsty Chords/Infro split 7″.

This thing is insane.  Both bands are from Japan and, as I would find out, Thirsty Chords shared members with my roommates old band Leeway and the excellent TURNCOAT.  Thirsty Chords is sort of similar to those bands, but a bit more complex.  They sort of sound like the finest Japanese pop punk mixed with a little early Hot Water Music.  The vocals are so filled with hooks and sincerity it’s borderline upsetting.  The guitar tone is perfect and the leads weave in and out without being distracting ever.  The drummer is also the vocalist, but you’d never know by listening to the solid drumming on this record.  Thirsty Chords is seriously perfect.  I couldn’t believe I didn’t find people posting their stuff all over and raving about it.

Infro are no slouches either.  This band plays driving, catchy punk that’s a bit more influenced by bands like 1,000 Travels of Jawaharlal.  It’s intense and emotional, but not at all rooted in screamo.  The vocals are part shouted, part sung and both of these songs are totally memorable and interesting.  I actually listen to both sides of this split every time I play it.  And it’s a split!  That’s crazy!


Two things.  First, I have copies of this split for sale, as well as Thirsty Chords’ excellent full length and the Leeway full length.  Check it out:

Second, Thirsty Chords and Turncoat are doing a short tour of the Midwest in November.  Get excited!!!

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