Highway 66/Slinky split 7″


Highway 66/Slinky – split 7″ (Backspin, ?):  Thanks to the excellent Shane from Spinout 360 Records I have a Florida history lesson for you today.  This solid melodic punk split 7″ is loaded with 90’s Floridian goodness.

You may remember Slinky from before.  Well, this is two more songs by the band that are, in my estimation, significantly better than their M Blanket split material.  Instead of the more run of the mill poppy punk from that record, we get some really solid, sometimes intricate, sometimes dark melodic 90’s punk.  Away has such a brooding intro that kicks into a really interesting song.

Highway 66 is a band that pre-dated many Gainesville greats, most notably in my book being the mighty Radon.  Here they members are still finding their sea legs, as this is a little bit sloppy.  But, these songs still manage to maintain that kind of jangly, earnest, and catchy way about them that makes them charming and interesting.  The first song, Saved from Drowning, is definitely the stand out, while Big Summer World leaves something to be desired.  Check this under-rated record out for some context on the wonderful early 90’s Florida punk scene.


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2 Responses to Highway 66/Slinky split 7″

  1. Dan says:

    wow anymore highway 66 I actually really liked it, glad the blog is still going

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