Lynyrd’s Innards – Sissy 7″


Lynyrd’s Innards – Sissy 7″ (Off Time, 1995):  Sorry for the brief lapse in posting.  The past few weeks have been quite busy between the Boilerman LP release show, my new band Rash playing our first show and trying to plug some holes in the upcoming Boilerman tour.  Either way, here’s something new and great before I go and I’m going to try to squeeze one more post in before I leave on Sunday as well.

Lynyrd’s Innards have been a Chicago staple for over 20 years at this point.  That in itself is impressive, but the fact that their output is mostly pretty solid to great is a huge bonus.  They play a brand of mind-90s pop punk that I love and that Chicago did very well.  This 7″ sees them mix that with a little bit of alt-rock and some power pop influences to bring us a really great two song single.  Si is a supremely catchy track, while Target is a bit weirder (it has a brief rap part) while remaining solid and memorable.  Lynyrd’s Innards still plays from time to time, so if you’re in Chicago you should make it a point to check them out next time they have a show.


UPDATE 10/10/13:  The original files had some weird digital skipping on them.  I re-ripped it and it’s now up in all its non-skipping glory.

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