Turncoat – Under the Streetlight, Swarming Insect CD


Turncoat – Under the Streetlight, Swarming Insect CD (FND, 2013):  After an extended absence, we’re back.  I was on tour and then played a bunch of local shows and then my CD drive on my computer broke.  That’s life, but I borrowed a CD drive and ripped some woefully unavailable tunes for this week and next, so keep your eyes peeled.

Today’s installment is from the mighty Turncoat from Japan (who you may remember from this post).  This band recently played Chicago with the incredible Thirsty Chords and both bands absolutely destroyed the house.  Turncoat even played a Jawbreaker cover.  I was able to pick up a copy of this, their most recent full length, at the show.

In short, this is the band’s finest material.  It’s complex, but very listenable and memorable.  It’s sort of like Hot Water Music or Small Brown Bike in that way, but without really sounding like either of those bands.  They clearly draw from a huge range of influences while keeping it cohesive throughout the album.  Three vocalists contribute to the mix which spices things up considerably with plenty of gang vocals, harmonies, and whoas for days.  If you like tight, weaving punk with astoundingly adept musicianship that is both distinctly Japanese and above borders, this record is for you.


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