Rustweiler – Assholes of the Universe 7″


Rustweiler – Assholes of the Universe 7″ (Underdog, 1996):  One thing that makes me really appreciate a band is when it’s clear they’re doing whatever they want to do to the maximum extent.  RUSTWEILER strikes me as an example of such a band.  This mid-90’s Chicago band, which I believe features members of CANADIAN RIFLE, MANIPULATION, FOURTH ROTOR, and many more area greats, seems totally unhindered by expectations and unphased by whatever else was happening.  Sure, there’s some hints of the scrappy, snotty pop punk that was happening at the time.  But there are also hints of hardcore punk, some Born Against-esque moments, and a lot more mixed in here.  It’s also gritty enough to be clearly from the Midwest.  This band is great and you should check them out.  They also have a 10″ and at least one split 7″.  Maybe I’ll throw those up sometime soon.


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3 Responses to Rustweiler – Assholes of the Universe 7″

  1. TooPunkToDrunk says:

    Could you please re-up this album?

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