Sinkhole/New Sweet Breath split 7″


Sinkhole/New Sweet Breath – split 7″ (Ringing Ear, 1996):  I had heard of SINKHOLE a long time ago and it seemed like something I might be into.  Finally, a few months ago, I picked up their full length Space Freak on cassette.  I knew it was going to have roots in pop punk, but wasn’t totally sure what to expect.  What I got was something eclectic, interesting, and much more memorable than a lot of their more formulaic peers were serving up at the time.  Their two songs on this split follow suit.  The recordings is a little dirty, but suits the band perfectly as the barrel through a short, aggressive opener followed by a more lengthy, traditional melodic punk number that’s still dirty sounding and propulsive.  The chorus is super 90’s alt sounding and it rules.

Speaking of alt, NEW SWEET BREATH backs up the record perfectly.  I came for SINKHOLE, but stayed for this band’s perfect blend of 90’s melodic punk that ranges from middle/late era Husker Du to Superchunk to hints of more radio friendly stuff like GIN BLOSSOMS.  These two tracks are excellent, making for a split that you’ll actually listen to in its entirety!  


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