Get It Away – Demo Tape


Get It Away – Demo Tape (self-released, 2003):  After some technological issues, lack of time, and general life stuff, I’m back at it.  To mark my triumphant return to posting things on the Internet, here’s Chicago’s own GET IT AWAY.  This band pre-dated seminal rock n’ roll outfits such as WEEKEND NACHOS, LIBYANS, BROKEN PRAYER, and many more.  But, what’s on this demo is relatively far removed from the bands its members would eventually form.

GET IT AWAY played intense, focused hardcore punk that used a lot of the one-two scissor beat coupled with a lot of slowed down parts – you know, for moshing.  This is pretty typical for hardcore bands from the early-mid 2000’s, but something about this demo sets it apart.  Maybe it’s the rawness and energy of the recordings (these songs would later be re-recorded as part of the bands 7″ EP).  Maybe it’s the overall quality of the riffs.  Either way, this recording is definitely worth checking out and, quite frankly, I’m surprised it’s not on the Internet somewhere else already.



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