DS-13 – The Compilation Sessions + Live In Fukktown CS



DS-13 – I Was A Teenage Fistfukk CS (Blom/Busted Heads, 1997):   I think most people into hardcore/punk in the 2000’s know this excellent Swedish band.  But, if you don’t, my favorite way to describe them is as the only band that ever tried to play like Minor Threat and really succeed.  The riffs are ferocious and blistering fast, the vocals scathing and perfect.  They draw from the classics, but somehow still sound fresh to me today which is something I can say about very few of their contemporaries.

This, their first demo, contains a mixture of studio tracks, followed by a live set.  Some of it would end up on later releases.  Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I’ve uploaded the tape as one track.  The tracklisting on the tape is perplexing and the number of songs listed straight up does not match the number of songs on the tape (where’s the Stepping Stone cover listed?!).

EDIT: An astute reader has informed me that this tape is actually The Compilation Sessions + Live In Fukktown CS when I initially thought it was the band’s demo.  Either way, this rips.  Just ignore the cover art and you’ll be fine.

Anyway, dig in.


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2 Responses to DS-13 – The Compilation Sessions + Live In Fukktown CS

  1. CORPSEVOMIT says:

    The tracklist doesn’t match up because this is NOT the “I Was A Teenage Fistfukk” cassette. This is actually the “The Compilation Sessions + Live In Fukktown” cassette. Check it out: http://www.discogs.com/Demon-System-13-The-Compilation-Sessions-Live-In-Fukktown/release/3329512

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