V/A – Ooh Yeah 7″ compilation


Ooh Yeah 7″ compilation (Rocco, 1995):  Rocco Records was a label from the Chicago suburbs that put out a lot of solid stuff from the area in the 90’s.  WINEPRESS, THE FIGHTERS, 88 FINGERS LOUIE, you name it.  For their 6th anniversary, they produced this little number – a four song compilation featuring four Midwestern bands (three of which are from the Chicago area).

THE VOLATILES kick it off with staunchly political pop punk and are the only non-Chicago area band on the disc.  THE HITMEN round out side A with a more hardcore punk leaning sensibility that leans towards classic 80’s stuff with a dose of melody.  Side B, my preferred side of the two if I’m being forced to choose (I am not), starts with the super catchy “I Want Attention” by THE MUSHUGANAS.  This band is one of my absolute favorite from the 90’s Chicago scene and this is a top tier track.  Finally, RAT PATROL, a band made up of members of the mighty BOLLWEEVILS, do a super capable cover of NAKED RAYGUN’s “Roller Queen.”  All in all, an excellent snapshot of a specific time and place.


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2 Responses to V/A – Ooh Yeah 7″ compilation

  1. it was previously thought that there were only three versions of this record, i have never seen this cover before. did you scan from your own personal collection? what would i have to do to get more scans?

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