Knapsack – Trainwrecker 7″


Knapsack – Trainwrecker 7″ (Goldenrod, 1994):  After their reunion tour, I feel like KNAPSACK is finally getting their due as the super catchy emo juggernaut that they were.  Those familiar with their full lengths know how KNAPSACK played some very straight forward, often simple and repetitive emo that is packed with earworms.

This formula is present on this, their first EP, as well.  The eponymous track would appear on their first full length, Silver Sweepstakes, though in a slightly slower and much more polished form.  It’s one of my personal favorite Knapsack songs and hearing it in this more raw, intense form makes it hard to choose between the two versions.  “Don’t Mind,” the B side track, is no slouch either, utilizing a very simple basic riff and building a truly memorable tune out of it.  As with many Knapsack tunes, the vocals are what turn the songs from good to great and the youthful energy of this EP still sounds fresh to me now.


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