Future Virgins – Late Republic 7″


Future Virgins – Late Republic 7″ (self released, 2014):  For the first post of the new year, I figured it would be appropriate to offer up one of my favorite records of the last one.  My excellent friend Shannon picked this up for me when the band played in Nashville and sent it my way.  When I got it, I must have listened to it five or six times in one sitting and, in the days that followed, it didn’t leave the turntable for long between return listens.  FUTURE VIRGINS should, at this point, basically be a household name and their most recent LP was among my favorite material they’d done.  With a huge resume of past bands shared between the members, it’s not even worth mentioning a list.

What is worth mentioning is how unbelievably well drafted these two songs are.  They’re both short, but manage to cram in plenty of stuff to pick up on with repeat listens.  Truly catchy leads, pieces that are played for such a small amount of time that you have to listen again and again.  On top of that, there’s vocal melodies for days.  These two songs give me hope, get me teary, and make me ecstatic about life and music all at the same time.  It’s exactly what I want from a punk record.


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2 Responses to Future Virgins – Late Republic 7″

  1. Mike says:

    Hey. This is Mike from the future virgins. Thank you so much for the super sweet review. Btw we are mixing our new LP one week from today. Maybe we could get you a couple tracks soon .

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