Scabs – Demo CS


Scabs – Demo CS (self-released, 2011):  SCABS were one of my favorite bands in an outpouring of a LOT of very good Northwest Indiana bands from this time period.  Unsurprisingly, this band features members of many of those other groups (so many that I’ll refrain from even getting into it), but remained insistently unique among the pack.  This demo was the only widely distributed release by the band and I use the word widely liberally.  What you get it seven perfect, super catchy without being poppy, aggressively propulsive punk songs.  Not hardcore, not Oi, not raw d-beat, just straight forward punk.  The song lengths range from about 35 seconds to just over 1 and a half minutes and each one is totally memorable.  The vocals are fierce while maintaining a mild sense of disinterest and the music is tight and energetic.  I can’t say enough about how great this demo is.  The rip would sound better had I not worn down the tape from regular listening for the past four years.



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