Coneheads – Live at the Woodmar Deli CS


Coneheads – Live at the Woodmar Deli CS (self-released, 2014):  CONEHEADS are way at the top of my list of favorite current Northwest Indiana bands right now.  I’ll keep it short since you’ve probably already listened to their other two tapes (if not, they’re up at the mighty Suds Denim blog).  This tape is the second of their three that exist so far.

But, for the uninitiated, CONEHEADS features members of tons of other NWI bands (Guinea Kid, Ooze, Big Zit, Pukeoid, to name just a few), but play a style that’s totally unique to this project.  It’s like a more bass-driven version of Devo mixed with a dash of new wave and classic punk, but with ultra-fast drumming and an insane tightness of rhythm section that almost reminds me of NOMEANSNO without actually sounding anything like them.  Over the top is a clean, but aggressive guitar that moves from lead to lead with just the slightest bit of slop.  When I got this tape, I couldn’t stop listening.  Your turn.


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