Rustweiler – Sin, Squalor, and the American Lie 10″


Rustweiler – Sin, Squalor, and the American Lie 10″ (Peter the Weiner, 1997): Sorry for the extended absence.  My sound card on my computer crapped out on me and then shortly after my van was totaled when some bozo rear-ended me.  I’ve been dealing with that and have finally built a new computer and got a check from good ol’ State Farm for a new ride, so things are looking up.

But you’re not here to read about me.  You’re here for some good old fashioned rock n’ roll.  Lucky for you, that’s exactly what RUSTWEILER serves up.  This Chicago area band was around in the mid-90s and featured members of other area notables like THE MUSHUGANAS.  Based on the liner notes, the material for this 10″ has a pretty wide time frame for when everything was written and maybe even recorded.  The material’s got one thing that holds it together though – wild, unhinged rock n’ roll energy.  This is pop punk at its core I think, if you have to pin it down to something, but it’s so sloppy, played with such reckless abandon and intensity, that it’s really just pure punk.  Howling, shouted vocals with socially pointed lyrics, fast crunchy guitar and drumming that will make the neighbors furious add up to something between garage, hardcore, and pop punk.  Just give it a spin for yourself if you’re feeling sluggish and let the spirit of rock n’ roll kick you awake.


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