Close Talker – Demo


Close Talker – Demo CDR self-released, 2011):  When BOILERMAN was on our US tour in 2011, we played at a really fancy bar in Richmond, VA.  A couple other bands played, one of which were CLOSE TALKER.  All I knew about them going in was that they shared members with SUNDIALS.  When they played, they had such an urgent energy and played so hard.  It was a breath of fresh air to see a melodic band play with so much gusto, especially at the tail end of a pretty brutal chunk of the tour.

Needless to say, I was stoked to check out the recordings.  This disc ended up getting a decent amount of airtime in the van.  It’s a really good mix of stuff like JOYCE MANOR and SUNDIALS (you don’t say!) with some BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY in the vocals.  It’s definitely poppy, has some parts that owe a slight debt to emo, but is still powerful and energetic.  The recording is unpolished and immediate sounding without being overly raw or poorly produced by any means.  I believe the band had a release a couple of years later, but this is where it all started and it’s my go to recording when I get a CLOSE TALKER hankering.


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