V/A – Cool Bands


I’ve seen the second and third installments of this series of tape comps floating around, but not the first.  So here you have it – the inaugural COOL BANDS compilation.  These three tapes all focus on a pocket of truly excellent punk coming out of Northwest Indiana.  Thanks to a pal with a great collection of such gems, as well as some stuff I’ve accumulated over the years, you can expect a good deal of deep cuts from the region coming up.  Until then though, sample the modern day version, the finest NWI exports of today and tomorrow.

You undoubtedly know OOZE and BIG ZIT and, if not, you’ll certainly remember them from here on.  But, this tape also contains the first released tracks from CCTV, some ragers from the short-lived SHITKICKERS, and some one-off projects like HARDCORE CONTEST and the unavoidably (and unfortunately) overlooked GORDON SPICER BAND.  Some of these songs go on to appear on COOL BANDS 2, but snag this anyway.


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7 Responses to V/A – Cool Bands

  1. joe says:


  2. al says:

    hey, any idea where i could snag a physical copy of this?!

  3. joe says:

    do you have any night fever stuff?

  4. I believe there is, but not in any form that was ever released. If I come across it, it’ll definitely get posted here though!

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