Vital Error – Demo CS


Vital Error – Demo CS (self-released, 2009):  For a while there were a ton of hardcore punk band in Indianapolis.  The thing was, though, that most of them consisted of some mixture of the same ten people or so.  Maybe even less.  Regardless, one of my favorites of the bunch was VITAL ERROR.  Not unlike PICKED CLEAN, with which VITAL ERROR shared most of its members, this band played a fast and loose version of hardcore punk largely influenced by the 80s East Coast bands.  But, they managed to do it with such palpable anger and energy that it still feels fresh to me.  The recording is just lousy enough, blown out and weirdly bass heavy, to make this sound unique.  Plus, all of their songs are over a minute, with one even breaching the two minute mark, leaving them enough room to sink some hooks in there.  Just take a listen and see for yourself.


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