Stubborn Attitude/Get Bent – split CS


Stubborn Attitude/Get Bent split CS (self-released, 200?):  Another rager from the mid-2000’s in Northwest Indiana, this time pre-dating bands like SCABS, DURESS, PUKEOID, CARBONLEAK, and plenty more.  I first heard GET BENT and STUBBORN ATTITUDE on a benefit tape called LIVER-AIDE (that I should probably put on this thing) featuring a bunch of Chicago/NWI hardcore punk bands.  The split pre-dates that comp and it’s apparent that this tape features earlier efforts from both bands.  It feels youthful to me and that’s something that has a definite pro/con list.  Does this tape feature treble-heavy, unrefined recording?  Yes.  Does it feel urgent, angry, and honest?  Also yes.

GET BENT is a bit more on the goofy side at times lyrically and also relies more on slow mosh-appropriate riffs to get their points across.  Still, there are some really cool parts and the revolving vocal duties keep things interesting and fresh.  STUBBORN ATTITUDE are on the faster side, blazing through their songs with shouted, strained vocals at a speed where they can barely keep it together.  The song “I Wish I Was Dead” is a true underground punk hit.  Get this tape for a dose of raging hardcore and a brief, but telling history lesson of modern NWI punk.


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