John Brown Battery – Demo Tape


John Brown Battery – Demo Tape (1999):  This is a submission from the comments section on a past post about the incredible JOHN BROWN BATTERY, but since the link expired I thought I’d re-upload it.

This demo tape is seriously worth your time if you’re a fan of the band or just starting out with them.  It’s got early version of hits that’d end up on …Is Jinxed and The Only Normal People…, as well as a few tracks that, to my knowledge, never ended up anywhere else.  The sound quality on this thing is really solid as well.  It’s got that warm, fuzzy tape sound and everything in the mix is audible without being blown out.  The version of Maps and Continents on this is worth the download by itself, but all of these tracks are truly excellent.  What a good band.

Oh, also, I pulled this artwork off of Myspace (yes, you read that correctly).  If anyone has a better scan or more artwork for this, let me know!


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3 Responses to John Brown Battery – Demo Tape

  1. Matty B says:

    Cool find!! Is there anywhere else to download from? I think that link is broken…

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