Wolfsblood/LSDS split CS


Wolfsblood/LSDS – split CS (self-released):  I’m not sure when this tape came out, but it’s got to be in the very early 2010’s, since that’s when WOLFSBLOOD roamed the Earth.  Featuring members of Canadian punkers BORN BAD, WOLFSBLOOD play a really solid Boston style of hardcore that takes sort of what BORN BAD did and, in my opinion, drastically improves on it.  Mean sounding recording, intense riffs, straight forward but well worth a listen.  I don’t know anything about LSDS, but they’re the perfect compliment for the other side of this tape.  Similarly raging east coast style hardcore with a punk backbone.  There’s no tracklisting on this thing, so it’s just separated into sides, but don’t worry – each side is under six minutes.  Rage hard.


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