Ooze – American Beans #1 CS


Ooze – American Beans #1 CS (2012): The first burst from the inimitable OOZE.  Featuring members of tons of other NWI bands, OOZE gestated for a while with a bunch of tapes in very small runs.  This is one such tape.  The energy and originality that would eventually emerge on the band’s later tapes and 7″ is all there, but in a less focused, less practiced form.  The same three songs are on each side, but are from two different recordings.  Some of these songs made it to the 7″ and all of them were live staples for a while.  Dig it.


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5 Responses to Ooze – American Beans #1 CS

  1. Jimmy says:

    Just wanna give a big thanks for rippin’ this, this blog is fucking fantastic and never fails to surprise me. I’ve never heard of this release, and it makes me curious as to how many more practice tapes like this may be floatin’ around. BIG ups.

    I just wanted to comment and let you know that box, the place where you host downloads, has been having some problems, and I personally was only able to download it on mobile. I’ve got a Youtube channel that does this same sort of thing, and people have been saying that box has always been finicky, so I thought I’d give you a heads up. Keep up the good work mang.

    • Hey, I’ve seen your YouTube channel and really dig it! I’ve got some more Ooze tapes ripped and poised to go up in the not too distant future.

      Good looking out on the Box thing. I actually had a problem downloading something of yours, but I didn’t put together that it was an issue with Box. Hopefully it’s just a bug that’ll get fixed, but if not, I’ll figure something out soon!

  2. Mike says:

    Hey there, love this blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only 1 problem, nothing is dloading because you have an issue with bandwith.
    All my friends and I are trying to download, but nothing is dloading from this blog.
    Not sure what the issure is ? May want to consider switching to Zippyshare, or another dload format.
    Love the stuff you’re putting up, but none of it is downloadable yet.
    If you can fix, that would be greatly helpful and much appreciated !

    Thanks, Mike

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