Boiling Over – Live on WESN CS


Boiling Over – Live on WESN CS (self-released, 2009):  This live tape’s sound quality is a little rough at times, but it’s a great snapshot of one of my favorite Chicago bands of the late 2000’s.  BOILING OVER played really memorable, straight forward fast hardcore and this tape captures them at the top of their game with a good smattering of songs from all the band’s releases.  Revel in the dumb banter and blown out, reckless mayhem from people that would later bring you bands like ANGRY GODS, POISON PLANET, THE BUG, BOILERMAN, and tons more.  There’s a great YOUTH OF TODAY cover on here too – an inspired and original choice for a straight edge hardcore band – that’s really good.

In memoriam of Joey’s long hair.


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